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STEROIDS ABS Fat Burning Cutting cycle six pack

STEROIDS ABS Fat Burning Cutting cycle six pack
Anabolic Steroids Cycles: Summer Cutting Cycle
Clenbuterol: 40 mg/60 tab X 1
Winstrol: 50mg 20ml X 1
Proviron: 40 tablets X 1
HGH 10 IU: 10kits (100IU) X 1
L-Thyroxine: X 1
Testosteron Suspension: 20ml X 1
carsil (silymarin): X 1
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$900 $1 690
For those that have problems with there abs and want to get there six pack showing this cycle will make them pop out while getting body lean and clean of fat in order to achive best results it is recommended to do cardio at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes and to remain on a low carb diet